Network problem Tuesday 7th December 2021 09:10:00

2021-12-07 09:10 - Engineers are investigating a possible issue affecting some services. Will update here as we know more.

Emergency Maintenance is scheduled to resolve the underlying issue.

We have been able to put a temporary fix in place to bring services back online. We continue to investigate this both internally, and with our supplier, to put a more permanent fix in place, but at present, you should not be experiencing any issues. If you are still having connectivity issues with your service, please get in contact with our support team.

The issue has been mitigated. Engineers and our Suppliers are continuing to work on the issue.

We have identified this as an issue with a specific part of our network infrastructure, which was then raised with our supplier as a Priority 1 request. This is currently being investigated further by our supplier, we await a response from them with an update. The case has been raised as ‘Urgent’. We also continue to investigate the situation on our side.