Emergency Network Maintenance Tuesday 1st September 2020 19:00:00

What will happen?

A potential issue has been identified with the integrity of a small number of SSD Drives within ACI leaf switches that may result in an unscheduled outage if not addressed. In order to mitigate this risk these switches will be replaced with new ones.


When will the work be carried out?

01/9/2020 23:00 to 02/9/2020 06:00


Who will be completing the work?

All of the work will be completed by our experienced iomart network team with Cisco TAC assistance and onsite supporting technical teams.


Will I experience downtime?

Throughout the window services will be AT RISK.  You may experience short periods of minor packet loss during the window, which will show as slow performance.  We do not expect any downtime as a result of this maintenance.