Datacentre Migration - 13th September 2019 18:00 BST Friday 13th September 2019 18:00:00

Data Center migration scheduled work.

Status updates are posted below this entry

We’d like to thank customers for their patience during what must for some have been a worrying time.

Your patience and understanding is much appreciated.

Just to confirm works completed. The vast majority of systems were returned to service well within the maintenance window and were online by 8am, however some systems needed additional work.

Servers are all running except a few servers that we are correcting configuration issues on.

The majority of servers are now restored to service.

Some services are now returning to service. We are working to return the others.

All racks are now on site and either being racked or switch ports are being connected. Networks continue to work to re-route the network.

The remaining servers are now on site and being racked,

Further servers have arrived. Racking continues.

The first two racks of servers are racked and are being tested

Vehicle with the first batch of servers has left

servers are being de-racked and packed ready for transport

Server shutdowns now commencing

Server shutdowns will commence at 18:00 BST