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Wednesday 20th November 2019

Issues with server Hensara3 /


We are currently investigating an issue with one of our cpanel servers [].

Web and email services are currently affected.

We apologise for any issues caused by this.

update 14:10 The Server is currently back up. However as we have identified a hardware fault we will be looking at migrating all sites on this host to new hardware.

Update 11:39: We believe this is drive related. We are getting DC engineers to check the hardware currently.

Update 12:02: The server is back up. We have identified hardware issues and so will be looking at moving the sites onto a new server.


Update 12:02 The hardware of the server has been deployed and we are performing the move to new hardware now. Expected time is 1 hour 30 mins.

update 14:45: The move has finished. We have tested this and sites appear working. please contact support if you still have any issues.

Wednesday 6th November 2019

cPanel and MariaDb/MySQL Issues

The automated cPanel update process on November 5th has resulted in an issue with MariaDB (MySQL).

cPanel have provided advice on the following link:

For Shared Hosting and Managed Server customers, we are working through systems and downgrading MariaDB as they advise. If we have not yet reverted the update to your service will do so as soon as possible,.

If you are not a Shared Hosting customer or do not have a Managed Service, please follow the advice above if your web site(s) are currently down or affected by the issue.

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